Did you enjoy the Fancy Pants Adventure series? It is a brilliant arcade/platform flash game  and it has won the hearts of gamers from all around the globe! However, so far we have only seen three installments in the series and we are currently awaiting Fancy Pants World 4 to come out! The latest installment in the series is bound to feature some drastic improvements and pleasantly surprise us, considering that all the previous games were major improvements compared to their previous title.

However, the third game’s success will be rather difficult to beat and the game developer will probably have to gather a larger team this time in order to fit everything together the proper way. It is clear that this will not be the easiest task since the previous games already seemed rather perfect to be honest. So, the question remains – after the great success of  Fancy Pants 3, what can we expect from the new Fancy Pants World 4?


Improved Graphics and Audio

Now, a lot of people will ask if there is really anything that needs to be improved. After all, the music was great and fitted the theme of each game perfectly.  So it’s better turn on the speakers, not like in Scary Maze Game where you just hear a stupid scream. In the third game every level had its own soundtrack and it perfectly complemented the graphical environment. Other than the fact that we will need new, fresh music in Fancy Pants World 4, there is really nothing that should be improved as far as this is concerned. And what should be done about the graphics and visual effects?

We can say that the previous games were very satisfying as far as the visual effects and graphics are concerned but it would be good to see something new and fresh in this game. Some of the enemies haven’t been changed at all and some aspects could use better design or need to run more smoothly.  The loading time was an issue on the previous game as well so this should also be something for the developer to think about.


The Fancy Pants World 4 Gameplay

Fans have agreed on multiple polls and surveys that they do not wish for the game mechanism to change, unless of course the author thinks it is really necessary. With that in mind we can already assume that the next game will be an arcade platformer with some elements of action and RPG. We have already gotten used to the simple controls – the arrow keys and the S button and it is doubtful that there will be any changes as far as this is concerned.

What we can expect though is some new, “fancy” features that we have not seen yet in the previous games. Remember how the developer surprised us with “Golfball” in the second game? It wasn’t anything that influenced the entire game, yet it was very fun and brought a new perspective into the whole series.

This is why we can expect something new and exciting as well as humorous and entertaining to make the game more enjoyable. The previous game had a lot of humor and was really a pleasure to play to the very end and this is why humor should be an important part of the upcoming Fancy Pants World 4.

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