Did you enjoy World 1 of the Fancy Pants Adventure game? certainly found it amusing and it was one of the better platform games made in Flash that I had seen. However, the following installment in the series called Fancy Pants World 2 was much more enjoyable to play and had a very high entertainment factor. Running around and jumping up high platforms takes a whole new level with this game as there are a lot of new moves that you can perform.

Fancy Pants World 2 Storyline

The first world didn’t really have any story or background nor did it provide any sort of useful tutorial to get you started. While this doesn’t really matter much in a game such as this, the second game really tried to improve on that. Thus, your mission in Fancy Pants World 2 is official to find the angry bunny that stole your ice cream! It sounds very childish, but the humor throughout the game is very good and gives the game chilled-out groove. It isn’t really a game where you have to be very focused and stressed out as there is no reason for that. It is a rather easy game in fact although some parts will be quite difficult to master at first.

Fancy Pants World 2 Gameplay

The gameplay is, of course, very similar to the first game but it has evolved from the original and certainly has some new features. One of the more interesting new mechanics is that you can jump from wall to wall in a manner similar to what can be seen in all of the older Spiderman games. Along with this you can turn enemy snails into your own private football balls and use them to collect bonus points and coins for your character. The author has also included ladders and wines into the game which will make our little hero feel like Tarzan from time to time!

The game developer has also decided to add signs along your journey which give valuable tips and information and provide you with a quick tutorial in the beginning of the game. Even though the tutorial side of things has not been very well planned, the game is very welcoming towards new players and there is plenty of time to learn how to play and enjoy Fancy Pants World 2!

Audio and Visual Effects

The game’s graphics have advanced a bit but have not changed their style. The game still features a humorous, cartoonish atmosphere with matching graphics. The audio effects blend well with the style as well and they complement the game well. The game reminds greatly of Super Mario, but I honestly enjoy it more than this classic platformer. The new Fancy Pants World 2 also brings in more bonus rooms and trophies into the game and is a much bigger challenge than the previous game.   The game isn’t hard, it is just rather long to complete if you get lost start vising places where you have already been. Overall, Fancy Pants World 2 is certainly worth playing!


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